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Hastings Adventure Golf, Pelham Place, Hastings Seafront, Hastings, TN34 3AJ
01424 437227

Caddie Club Rewards


  Price Points earned Points to redeem
Single Player £7.75 78 390
Senior Citizen   £5.95 60 300
Mini Mini Golfer £3.85 39 195
Family* of 3 £22.75 228 1140
Family* of 4 £26.75 268 1340
Family* of 5 £33.00 330 1650

So what do my rewards mean?

Every time you pay for a round of golf at Hastings Adventure Golf show us your reward code and you can collect points

What do the points mean?

As someone famous once said...what do points make? Points make prizes!!!

That was obvious and frankly terrible but what are the prizes?

The prizes are free golf. Collect 375 points to redeem for a free round of golf!

Oh, ok now I’m listening. What about family tickets?

Simple, value your purchase in pence i.e. 750p (£7.50) for a round of golf, you need half the figure in points (375 points). There is a table at the foot of this page to show you the breakdown for each one.

I think I follow, can I part pay with points and cash?

Sadly as it stands no.

Oh wait, how many points do I get per round?

For every whole pound that you spend you receive 10 points, 75 points per single round at £7.50.

This all seems pretty straight forward. Can I collect points for others?

No, only rounds that you pay for yourself can be added to your balance.

Ok, fair enough. How do I redeem the points?

Simply register an account with the Hastings Adevnture Golf App and turn up at the window with the App in hand and let our staff know you would like to redeem your points.

Where can I find my points balance?

On the app home page the bottom line is My rewards - hit that!!

Can I redeem points for your Golf with fish and Chip deal?

At the moment the catering side of our business is not included in the points scheme so sadly you can not redeem for the Golf with Fish and Chips deal. Watch this space though...

Are there any restrictions on when I can redeem the points? Bank Holidays?

Yes, Christmas day we are closed - we allow our staff 1 day off a year! Any other day is fine!!

Lets get started, if you join now you will get 300 reward points for free!!