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World Crazy Golf Championship Tees off in

Open: 8.30am-10pm  

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Food Court

So many goodies… donuts - ice creams and chocolate fondues!!

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Chocolate strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberries or chocolate fondues can also be found at the ice cream kiosk within the food court. It's this simple, strawberries, warm chocolate - you dip them and kids just love them. We do sell pre dipped strawberries, the chocolate is set and chilled. Although there isn't quite the mess or enjoyment of the warm runny version the taste is just as gooooooooood!

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If it is not savoury you fancy, how about crepes, gushing with Nutella or maybe drizzled in maple syrup with cream, throw in some bananas to add the healthy element.

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Building on the huge popularity of Flavour Burst sold at our Golf Ice cream Kiosk we now sell Flavour Blend in the food court Ices. As the name suggests the flavouring is 'blended' into the ice cream, the whippy changes colour and every lick tastes the same! Even if you do not buy you have to come and see as they look and taste incredible. Add up to 3 flavours, Willy Wonka would be proud of these flavoursome delights!

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Breakfasts! More info coming soon.

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Our trampolines are open daily (weather permitting), why not allow the kids to burn off some energy after all that Ice cream. We have 14 individual Trampoline beds with strict safety measures in place to allow the enjoyment of all!