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Crazy Golf

The traditional seaside family fun with a windmill and water mill to negotiate around.

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The iconic windmill says it all, will you play under it or 'bounce' round it? Can you time your putt to avoid the revolving watermill?

Can you negotiate the monument? Will you play around or through the lighthouse? The Helter Skelter on the final hole can bring a player to their knees as a good round is destroyed.

Wow that's a lot of questions, do you have the answers?

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Have you brought your plus 4's? Got grandad's flat cap? It's time to go old school and enjoy the most popular of seaside past times, Crazy Golf (no not fish and chips, that's in our cafe after you've finished).

Come and play the course of champions, you never know you may be good enough to enter the World Championships!!!

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This course hosts the annual World Crazy Golf Championships every year, there is a reason for that - its darn good challenging fun old chap. What do we need to say further?

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