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Hastings Adventure Golf, Pelham Place, Hastings Seafront, Hastings, TN34 3AJ
01424 437227

Meet the Gurus!

Name - Klaudia M. Lacka
Length of service - Almost 2 years
Favourite part of the job - Multi tasking. I like to keep busy
Highest score in golf - 72! And proud...well maybe not!
Claim to fame - Back in Poland I was interviewed for a television programme promoting healthy food and food establishments. Back then I was the sandwich guru!
One person you'd like to meet - Leonardo Dicaprio - I have been in love with him since I was 8
Funniest moment at work - There are so many, I can't choose
Embarrasing moments - When colleagues misunderstand my English
A book you'd recommend - Harry Potter - all of them!
Also everything by Terry Pratchett
Go-to midnight snack - There is NO snacking after 7pm!
Name - Steph Hoblyn
Length of service - 6 years
Favourite part of the job - Making coffees for customers
Highest score in golf - 78
Claim to fame - N/A
One person you'd like to meet - Gordon Ramsey
Funniest moment at work - Stuffing things in my mouth for a selfie competition
Embarrasing moments - Getting hugs from the manager, Simon
A book you'd recommend - Love struck in London
Go-to midnight snack - Bowl of cereal
Name - Emma Rose Cave
Length of service - "Is it 2 and a half years??? Yes, it's 2 and a half years"
Favourite part of the job - Making doughnuts and serving customers. I enjoy meeting people of all age ranges, customers and employees
Claim to fame - Met Kenzie from Blazin Squad at Butlins
One person you'd like to meet - Sir David Attenborough - He could read me a bedtime story
Funniest moment at work - I accidentally poured an ice cream mix all over myself when trying to fill the whippy machine, in my hair, on my glasses. I was sticky and smelly for the rest of the day
Embarrasing moments - Every other customer asking if I have a bad throat - its just my voice!
A book you'd recommend - A boy called IT.
Go-to midnight snack - Bag of salt and vinegar crisps
Name - Elvie Cotton
Length of service - 18 years
Favourite part of the job - Everything, I love my job!
Highest score in golf - 57
Claim to fame - Once entertained Heather Mills and Paul McCartney's daughters birthday party. The party made the papers!
One person you'd like to meet - Robbie Williams
Funniest moment at work - Too many to mention! Although falling out of the Kiosk door has to be a highlight. Everyone saw the CCTV!
Embarrasing moments - Being caught in school uniform by the local landlord of the Barley Moo pub. I had been drinking in there for over a year. Needless to say I did not return.
A book you'd recommend - The bible - well someone must have read it!
Go-to midnight snack - Cheese & biscuits accompanied by a G & T
Name - Faye Ashworth
Length of service - 3 and a half years
Favourite part of the job - The 'main event' days i.e. Pirate day, Biker day, Bonfire night...
Highest score in golf - I am so bad, I do not keep score
Claim to fame - I gave flowers to Cherie Blair during a charity event.
One person you'd like to meet - Jimmy Essex - He is in Hollyoaks and is so beautiful
Funniest moment at work - I used too much fake tan before a shift. As it developed throughout the day I was a little darker than I had intended
Embarrasing moments - I took a selfie in the work toilet and put it on social media. A colleague noticed it was taken in the work toilet and shared it with all the staff
Go-to midnight snack - Crisps... any crisps!

The Crepes Guru

The Coffee Guru

The Doughnuts Guru

The Ice Cream Guru

The Whippy Guru