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Hastings Adventure Golf, Pelham Place, Hastings Seafront, Hastings, TN34 3AJ
01424 437227

Competition Page!

Competition: Icecream Puzzle
Start: 14 July 2017
Closes: This Competition is now closed


We’ve got a fantastic ice-cream flavour blending machine with 8 flavours to chose from. You can have any combination of flavours up to a maximum of 3 different flavours on any one cone

Q: How many flavour combinations can we make in total? Go to our facebook page to enter.

HINT: remember the total number of combinations will be the sum of:

8 individual flavours + any combination of two flavours + any combination of three flavours = ? Write you answer in the comments box of our Facebook post by 3pm on Thursday 20, July 2017.

A: 56
B: 84
C: 92
D: 110

T&Cs: ANSWER VIA OUR ‘PUZZLE POST’ ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE ONLY. Solution to the puzzle will be published on our Facebook page on Thursday July 20, 2017 at 3.10pm.

Winner will be chosen at random from all correct answers received before we post the solution.

Winner will get free a ice-cream for 5 people.

There is no cash alternative. Judges decision is final.